Mark has been an Abilene Piper since 2005. He has played at church functions, Wesley Court, The Erinshire Folk Festival, The Deleon Peach and Melon Festival and Parade and the 2007 Holy Family Fall Fun Fest. Ladies, Mark has his own set of pipes, he knows how to use them and he is excited about the prospect of studying abroad! Mark is currently a student at University of Georgia where he is studying pre-medicine and plans on getting his medical training through service in the USArmy. Mark plays pipes built by Texas Pipemaker, Ray Hughes.February of 2005. He was

the pipes by wat strong Scottish family background, but it wasn't until he watched Eric Rigler pipe at Ronald Reagan's funeral that he decided to play. He has performed for local funerals, parades, school sanctioned events, Abilene Art Walk and the 2005 De Leon Peach and Melon Festival.